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Your smile and the condition of your dental health are unique to you. Our team provides a thorough examination including medical and dental history, oral cancer screening, gum and bone assessment, TMJ assessment, bite assessment, caries risk assessment, and close examination for caries, fractures, missing teeth, etc. If there is something that we are unable to treat, we will direct you to the proper specialist for the best outcome.


Are you in pain due to a tooth ache or other issue in your mouth? Have you experienced any swelling? Give us a call and we will fit you into our schedule as soon as possible and do our best to resolve the problem and as quickly as we can. We understand how painful dental discomfort can be!


Do you feel like your gums bleed constantly when you brush and floss? Have you felt that your teeth are becoming more loose? Have you been told that you are losing bone and have recession in your gums? Here at Cedar Grove Dental we offer deep cleanings that will put you on the right track for healthy gums and bone. We track each and every patient with periodontal disease in order to maintain health.


We offer a wide variety of restorative treatment including tooth adjustment, fillings, and crown and bridge work. We also offer implant supported crowns and bridges. We work with a local lab that provides beautiful and esthetic workmanship.


Do you avoid smiling because of chipped, broken, or discolored teeth, or due to unsightly gaps and spaces? Cosmetic dentistry makes changes that create dramatic differences through treatments such as veneers, composite work, and tooth whitening. We will find the best treatment plan to make your smile beautiful.

Dentistry for Children

Dr. Josh and our team provide a wide variety of dentistry for your children including child cleanings, exams, fillings, stainless steel crowns, tooth development monitoring, and cavity prevention. Babies can have their first dental exam as early as 6 months. Dr. Josh sees children from under 1 year old to 18 years of age.


With dentist-directed home care and regular cleanings from a trusted hygienist, you can help prevent future disease. This will prevent bleeding gums, bone loss, chronic bad breath, and bleeding or receding gums, among other oral health issues. We offer routine exams and dental cleanings in order to promote a lasting healthy oral environment.


Have you struggled in the past with your oral health and lost some teeth in the process? Our clinic offers a wide variety of denture options including traditional partial and complete dentures, temporary dentures, and some implant retained dentures. We work our hardest to ensure a very natural appearance.

Research & Technology

Dr. Josh and his team utilize the latest research advances in dental equipment and in techniques to ensure your satisfaction with your visit, as well as your continued excellent health. The team is working on implementing new technology in the future.
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