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When your teeth are too decayed or are missing, you probably think there isn’t much that can be done about them. But at Cedar Grove Dental, Dr. Gaskill provides restorative care to help you get your healthy smile back.

Restorative treatments can repair or replace teeth with the goal of preventing the damaged area from causing more problems. Dental restorations get your oral health back to normal, letting your teeth function properly and improving your smile.

Preventative care is always the best policy. However, if you haven’t been able to keep up with your oral hygiene and cleanings and your teeth have deteriorated too far, restorative dental care could be the solution to your problems.

Types of Restorative Treatments

Dentistry is full of different procedures and treatments that can help a multitude of oral health issues, but not every dentist is skilled and licensed in performing all of them. Restorative treatments require extra specialization, which Dr. Gaskill is proud to offer.

** When your teeth are decaying or you’re missing some, there’s no reason to be self-conscious anymore. With Cedar Grove Dental’s help, you can easily restore your teeth to a healthy, sparkling smile.

Through our preventative and specialized treatments and restorative care, we have all the tools we need to fix all your general dental issues

Common Restorative Treatments

Some of the types of treatments that can help you improve your teeth’s function and looks include:

Direct composite restorations

Better known to the general public as “fillings,” these are the most common dental treatment for restorative care. Fillings are performed when a tooth structure is decayed and infected. The decay is removed, the infection is treated, and a tooth-colored composite resin is inserted into the empty structure.


Crowns, or “caps,” as they are often called, are all-ceramic teeth placed in the mouth when a filling isn’t enough. Crowns are used when the support from the remaining tooth structure isn’t strong enough to hold a filling. The crown is created in a lab and cemented to the tooth once it’s prepared.


Less invasive than a crown but more solid than a filling, an onlay is used when a tooth needs a bit of extra help. Infection and decay have set in to the point that a filling isn’t going to be enough, but a crown is too extreme. This “in between” place is where an onlay might be used.


There are multiple types of denture options that can be offered with today’s technology. From a fixed partial denture, or “dental bridge,” to a complete full set of dentures, what you get is based on the severity of your tooth loss.

Dental implants

If you only have a missing tooth or a few, dental implants can prevent further deterioration of the surrounding teeth and jawbone. These are fabricated “teeth” that are designed to match the rest of your smile and are “implanted” into your gum and jawbone to function just like your natural tooth.

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Because restorative care is intended to fix problems that didn’t happen overnight, there is often a process behind these treatments. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment. Your healthy smile is right around the corner!
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